3 Ways to Max the Salon Utopia Spring Makeover

A visit this spring to Salon Utopia always makes our clients feel good and they always look great, yet the real question is, “How long will a makeover last?” Between hair coloring, a fresh coat of nail paint, a lovely facial, or any of the great services the staff at Salon Utopia offers; clients always leave feeling fresh rejuvenated, and ready to go with smiles on their faces. Naturally, they want to carry that feeling all the way home with them!

Thankfully, that “just left the salon” feeling doesn’t have to end when the front door of the house is open. It can last until the very next visit to Salon Utopia in Cornelius, NC! The key point to extending that great feeling is to take proper care of a new hair style , nails, and skin between visits to our salon.

At Salon Utopia, we recommend these three important ways to help extend the life of any makeover:

  • With any new hair color, only wash the hair every other day. We recommend that clients don’t use hot water on their new color, as the heat will pull color out of the strands. As with any hair cut or color, our expert staff recommends using the right shampoo and conditioner as well. Use the color-stay shampoo that our stylist recommends, only condition the ends of the hair, and let it dry as much as possible before styling. This way, the color stays and the cut isn’t affected by split ends and damage.
  • With new manicures and pedicures, keep them as clean as possible: While the paint and gel cover set before clients leave Salon Utopia, nails are still susceptible to damage for some time. The nail staff recommends that clients stay away from over use after a nail appointment. It will help prevent chipping on both fingernails and toenails.
  • After a skin treatment, stay out of the sun. Whether you received a relaxing facial or had a chemical peel, the estheticians at Salon Utopia recommend treating skin as gently as possible. Stay out of the sun, don’t put makeup on for the first day, and don’t use abrasive cleaners on your skin. Gently moisturize your face, rubbing it into your skin softly, and let the pores breathe. This way, the face will get the maximum benefit from each and every treatment.

Salon Utopia LKN in Cornelius offers the whole spa experience just minutes away from anywhere across the Lake Norman region. From tension-relieving massages to a trendy, stylish bob cut, we make all of our clients look and feel great. We will pamper everyone from head-to-toe, and our staff will give you tips on how to maintain that “just left the salon” feeling for days.

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